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The Cloaks (Awol one & Gel Roc) Invisibility Colored Vinyl

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Awol One and Gel Roc are The Cloaks. And their self-titled record is f%#@ing daggers!!! The Cloaks have the conversational weight of Gertrude Stein talking strap-ons with a very turned on Hemingway. The Cloaks' record is irreverent, skillful, and authentic. It has the feel of one of those tapes you'd come up on at shows and play nonstop for months with no idea who it was! Dope stuff, you ready? Now Here after Insult 2 Injury Flight Rule By Secrecy Neighborhood Watch Magnificent Freedom Invisibility Secret Escape Plan Optical Conclusions Grayskul With Black Cloaks Cloak Face Iller
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