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Shut eye horizon - Überhaupt

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Wake up


Step right in

Reecho old desires

Fact is


Can’t get you out

Go bazerk

Snap on you

Wrong route (Ft. Rhythmatic)

What makes

This vinyl version contains 8 exclusive downloads.

Shut eye horizon is comprised of Syah, N & Mr. Moodswing. Together they started to chase their oddball psych and somewhat more or less mainstream hop while falling deeper into a musical abyss that’s as goofy as it is dark and uplifting for no particular hiphop reasons. Will you come along for the ride?

Überhaupt is a knocking, acid-burned image that we have spent many of the last half dozen months trying to shake, delving further and further into a heady—yet hardly known—musical abyss in the process. Analog synths, drummachines, FX, overdose sampling, gritty flows, thoughtfull rhymes & banging experimentation, but with accessible qualities, whether it be a defined hook or a muddy synth riff.

A welcome interruption from the hiphop blur .

Will you come along for the ride?

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