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InDepth & the Escape artist - Red sprites and blue jets

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A side:

Stay with me (InDepth)

Fall on ourselves (Escape Artists)

Fool’s gold (Escape artists ft InDepth and L’roneous)

Electrolytes (Escape artists)

B side:

Voc mentality (inDepth ft DJ Beedie)

Headstrong (Escape artists ft Ellay Khule, Awol one, Gel Roc, The All Deadly Jizzm & 2mex)

Flirt (inDepth)

Two super groups combined on one piece of vinyl.

7 dope songs featuring 2Mex, Awol one, L*Roneous, Gelroc, Ellay Khule, The All Deadly Jizzm.

Plus new InDepth skits and acapellas all edit-based, recorded and compiled in a semi-mixtape form, from both live recordings and studio sessions.

Production by inDepth, XZcircles, Skape and DJ Mayonnaise,

Cuts by Syah and Dj Roach.

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