Limited item lovers

Hello all.

We hope this news finds you well.
On our end, we still tear shit up for the sake of ourselves and our love for music and rhymin’. We’ve been quite busy since our debut album Überhaupt came out (but with a break here and there).

We’re writing because we’ve got news! We recorded a new album called “Alec Baldwin” and we are not preparing its release. We drop it today. We drop it like it’s hot. We still have a lot to do. We have a few music videos to finish, promo to take care of, a press agent to look out for, interviews to plan, limited vinyl to cut and a shitload of other things that we love to do and are keeping us occupied.

Because we are entirely independent, we already spent a significant amount on the album’s production, and you need to come up with a bit extra for the final stretch.

Therefore, we are dropping our new album on limited cassette and asking you to buy it. We are also offering you an exclusive boardgame, 7’ inch vinyl and yellow Shut eye horizon – Alec Baldwin T-Shirt.

Go here for the bundle

Go here for digital album or cassette

Get the Print it yourself boardgame PDF here 

If you’re unable to contribute sharing our music and promo video are a great way of helping us get the word out.

Thank you all
Kind regards

Shut eye horizon (Mr. Moodswing, Syah, and N)