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We should post more often? Of course, We should! We realize we don’t post on our Blog, facebook or twitter very often. Social networking is a dayjob. It’s not a big deal! We communicate online!, but we just prefer to do studio work and make music. From now on we use the blog page of our website for bigger updates on what we are doing musically. We use twitter and facebook, so if we like your stuff we share, like and retweet the shit out of it. If there’s something you’d like to get a response from us about, please make sure you send us an email.

Lot’s of stuff happened the last year. InDepth dropped 2 new albums on vinyl. We released L*Roneous his album “Notes of the righteous outlaw” on vinyl together with Hecticrecs. We decided to expand our label (Limited item lovers) and release dope music from other artists on vinyl as well. We did some videos, just to make sure you can see us rap and dance! We opened up a webstore as a non profit and independent outlet to sell all of our own releases. Plus we decided to sell rare, limited edition, out of print, vinyl, goodies, tapes, apparel from other dope artistic friends as well.

In order to focus on music and the more real tasks at hand, here is a short list of all the new stuff coming up.

-New InDepth material, by any means they’re not working on an album! They are working on songs during the weekends, talk gear, sleep, laugh, complain and order greec food.
-Shut eye horizon is a new project. N and Syah got themselves a new friend. The guy is young, talented and well known in the dutch hiphop “Sort of scene”. Dude stepped out of his comfort zone and is looking for clues.
-Luwte is working on stuff sometimes.
-A special deluxe Sources of specialment reissue is in the works
-Expect some videos!
-Syah is puttin up mad old skool footage from Blockbuster days.
-Smooth cee is working on new N material, Yup!
-N is working on new material,
-Syah gets all collosal and synthesizing like a madman, spaceshuttle end of days studio gear dopeness. A sound to behold!

Happy newyear from us and thanks for your support.

Talk soon

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