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Massive aka MASSDOG feat: Shut eye horizon

By all means dope. Two new Shut eye horizon tracks produced by Massive aka MASSDOG 

MC/producer Massive, a.k.a. Mass Dog, has been making highly-individualized rap music in Los Angeles since the West Coast takeover of the 1990s. He was mentored by Compton’s Most Wanted’s DJ Slip and DJ Unknown back then and was quickly recognized as an important artist and creator in the L.A. scene. He has given his life to the game, has a discography that goes back to ‘92, and has evolved many times since then. These days, Massive puts down what he calls Adult Contemporary Hip-Hop or Grown Folks Rap, a sound that puts him squarely in his own creative zone and gives him a strong identity as a performer. 

Plan was to get these songs on a Beetback compilation. Somehow Beetback.blogspot unfortunately does not exist anymore. 
I sincerely hope someday all the incredible documented material on this website will resurface.

Cuts by Syah and “Coming out of my brain” feat: Rhythmatic
Expect a super limited 7 inch soon of these exclusive tracks on limited item lovers