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InDepth – My radio remixes by Magic Mayer

Here are 2 Bonus remixes of a Bonus song from InDepth’s – Higher value? when hiphop becomes more restricted. The story to this song is a little akward. InDepth supposed to perform in Dessau Germany at the Boombox meeting arranged by Boombox Peter and friends. Right before they (N, Syah & Hecticrecords CEO Jorrit) left, N bruised his ankle really bad. He ended up in hospital and decided to cancel. Lucky enough his ankle wasn’t broken. They ended up BBQing and recording this song about love for boomboxes, N’s collection and his desparate need for a Conion C100-F in mint condition. The original song was composed by Syah under the heavy supervison of Jorrit the hipdudeDon! Magic Mayer, ( a German old skool electro veteran and friend from Peter (I need your number) remixed the song in EasyEways!
Check and the video will be released soon.
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[soundcloud id=’72864942′]

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