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InDepth Free Wob wob EP Release date


The new free InDepth – Wob wob EP drops 06-10-2011.
We consider this as a gift to our incredible friends, audience and fanbase (and of course all newlyweds) to announce our new vinyl release and digital album download coming soon.
On this EP you can expect the songs we did live over the years, some of our newer stuff,
and the songs that were scheduled for inclusion on a planned (but never completed) bridging album between InDepth – the Expansion pack (2003) and InDepth and the Escape artists – Red sprites and Blue jets Vinyl (2007).

Tracklist InDepth – Wob wob EP:

1 Breakin sweat *
2 Let me remind you (Boxcar tribute)
3 Out of the blue
4 Wish you was?
5 Rigid (All these grazy humans)
6 Down to earth (ft. Irie)
7 Wandering
8 Slacking all your icons (ft. Xczircles)
9 Every little thing she does
10 Do you know me really?
11 Sound, soul, dreams, goals (ft. Rhythmatic)
12 Leave this house
13 No christ in the sky *

* Contains extracts from the Fatt matt speech CA 2004

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