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Limited item lovers is transitioning. Last year, while *ideas; indeed; idead* for next steps for 2021 and the coming decade, I began developing some creative new strategies to better serve our needs. With the future looking more D.I.Y than ever, this step is a part of an ongoing process to build upon all my foundations, and to grow and evolve with these ever-changing times.

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N(obody) - Climax orgasmo

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Side A

-Climax Orgasmo (It’s Me Oh Oh)

-Drunk On The Rhythm (Blatta’s skit)

-LFO’s And Other Modulation

-Sweep The Place Empty (skit)

-Clean Up Man

-Freestyle (skit)

-Voice Of A Rebel (part4)

-Lay Back And Enjoy

-Dubious Integrity

Side B

-Air = Infected


-Still Standing

-Sounds Of Color

-Busy Making Progress (feat. Duslon)

-Community Confuser

-Sounds Of Revolution

-My Rhymebook (Blatta)

-Couch Career (feat. Fillipo)

-Best Considered Past (feat. Bee)

Strange. Bizarre. Odd. Weird.

These words get tossed around a lot when describing many artists that are prominent in our section of the culture. Never have these adjectives been so accurate as in the case of N(obody).

To simply say this guy is “weird” would be a vast understatement. At times, he makes Dose One sound like

Jay-Z. Climax Orgasmo, seeing as how it is impossible to think of it as falling within the boundaries of what we consider “normal” hip-hop to be. If you like having your idea of what hip hop “is”. You wanna being teased and expanded into previously uncharted territory.

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