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Limited item lovers is transitioning. Last year, while *ideas; indeed; idead* for next steps for 2021 and the coming decade, I began developing some creative new strategies to better serve our needs. With the future looking more D.I.Y than ever, this step is a part of an ongoing process to build upon all my foundations, and to grow and evolve with these ever-changing times.

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Bizarro ‎– SOUP Musik

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Expressed Emotion

Operation Overstand

A Job To Do

Nice Guys Finish Last [Featuring] – Short Leg Jack

Some 'Ol Bugged Ish (Freestyle)


The Art Of...

Washaway [Featuring] – Nebulus

Power Of Myth

The Hit [Featuring] – Izadope

Elemental Break

Video Hoes (Interview)

Mind Control


Introspect [Featuring] – Eligh

Can U Bear?

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