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Free album again: Ourplace comp “Handle with care”

Physical copies sold out, so here’s a free download
Here’s what WES from Accesshiphop had to say:
“This is the kind of release that reminds us of what it used to feel like when I told people I listen to a lot of underground hip hop. From the Netherlands based label Ourplace, comes Handle With Care, a compilation featuring their very own Syah, N(obody), Phat Poodle and plenty of like-minded guests to round out the album including Bleubird, Xzcircles, DJ Moves, Fatt Matt and more! Somewhere along the lines…I don’t know what caused it nor do I want to get into a debate over what qualifies somebody to be underground, the scene became tainted and overrun with elitists and purists, like bigots with pickets protesting peace, trying to bully those who have gathered in an anti-anything rally, screaming at you what they believe right or wrong. So let’s try and relate that as a metaphor for the current state of underground hip hop. I think if more albums sounded like this these days we’d all be a little better off.

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