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Nlus – Whether it’s a walk

First a.k.a. Nlus release, as featured on Jeroen Diepemaat his 4 cd-box, Releasedate 21 june Feat; Francisco López, Machinefabriek, Les Horribles Travailleurs, Gluid, Michael Ridge, podL, Staplerfahrer, Teleferick, Vehikel, Nlus en BMB con. More release + presentation info here

InDepth – New album Teaser

The new InDepth album “Higher value? when hiphop becomes more restricted” will be available 27-08-2012. Tracklist: In side -Aiming Music by Syah, Lyrics by N, Additional Vocals by Liv, Cuts by DJ Beedie and Syah. -Thunderstorm Music by Syah, Lyrics […]

Free album: the Rubbish tape

Here’s another oldie, but free Goodie. N&Blatta’s “thoughtfull moments” This originally came out on Tape back in ’98. Stuff we wanted you to hear back then.  All recorded in the early en mid ninetees. Freestyles, wrong versions, friends and stupid […]

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